Resolve laptop hinge issue

Resolve laptop hinge issue – replacement with genuine parts

When you have a broken hinge and do not solve it from watching a Youtube video. There are too many variables and experienced technicians of the Hp Laptop Service center in Kolkata that can resolve laptop hinge issues.   The hinges on a Hp laptop connect the monitor to the base of the main body of the laptop. If the hinges are broken or defective, the monitor will wiggle or shake when the laptop is moved. Repairing the hinges is grave as LCD Screen could come loose from the laptop. If your laptop is not under any warranty, you can replace the hinges rather than pay to have it repaired. Before you go for a repair you have to check that all the laptop slots i.e. USBs, power adapter ports, VGA Adapter, HDMI Adapters, etc. do the function or not.

resolve laptop hinge issue
Hp Laptop Service Center in Kolkata

Follow the below instruction to resolve laptop hinge issue:-

  • Disconnect the power adapter and unplug all peripheral devices from the laptop.
  • Remove the battery from the laptop.
  • Loose the screws from the base covers of the laptop and open the base over.
  • Push down the clips and pull the RAM modules out of their connectors.
  • Remove the screws and Release the antenna cables from attached to the WLAN modules.
  • Remove the wireless local area network card from the motherboard.
  • Loosen the screws on either side of the laptop, next to hinges.
  • Turn over the bezel and unplug any cables that connect to the motherboard.
  • Lift up the bezel
  • Remove screws and left up to the top edge of the keyboard toward the display panel.
  • Pull out the keyword cable of its connector on the motherboard
  • Disconnect the cables connect between monitor and motherboard
  • Loosen and remove the screws that connect hinge to the base of the laptop.
  • Remove the monitor
  • Push the rubber caps out of the screw holes lining the display bezel
  • Pull up the inside edge of the bezel, and lose the cover of the display panel.
  • Remove the screw and lift up the LCD screen and disconnect the display panel cable.
  • Screw the new hinges into place. Do follow the above step in reverse to reassemble the hp laptop.

The service engineers of Hp Service Center in Kolkata have vast experience in fixing Hp laptops hinge issues.